Sunday, April 15, 2007

The lies begin

This story was told tome by a friend who works in the advertising field. Advertising...sounds fun. It beats working for and around criminals all the time. Anyway, Kay Davis was the business leader of a small advertising group for a global company. She ran into Victor Johnson at the synagogue where her husband in Rabi. She went to work and told my friend Jason Gramke, Creative Director of the agency, that he should visit with Victor. He was new to town and was looking for some work.

As I understand it, Victor was close to an hour late. He claimed he got lost and drove clear out of town. Jason said he met with him anyway. I tease him about that because I would have never accepted the meeting. We bill by the minute in my line of work. An hour late is just unacceptable. Anyway, when it was time for Victor to show Jason his work, he claimed that his computer was stolen out of his car the night before. Wow, what kind of idiot leaves a computer in his car over night? Jason asked him to send him some links or a PDf of some of his work when he got access to a computer. So Victor left and emailed Jason some links later that day.

Victor went back to visit Jason to talk about the work he sent. Apparently Jason asked him a lot about a particular piece of work. It was for Avivi Pizzaria. He had claimed he designed the menu and web site. Well, everyone knows that Entrmotion designed that stuff. it's on their web site!! That's where the lies were introduced to my friend Jason.

More to come.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Information on Victor W Johnson

So, I go to write my first story and I go to Victor's own blog at and it has been removed. Deleted by the author. Now, as of 4:00 pm today, Tuesday April 10, 2007, it was up and running. I'm getting the feeling that he heard the footsteps and he's aggressively taking down anything that has the potential of being incriminating. But we will continue until Victor apologizes on this public forum.


Why does this blog exist?

This is a blog featuring the life of Victor Wynn Johnson. You may know him as Andrew Thornbro. Or you may know him of some other name we've yet to discover. At any rate, this blog will catalog several events that occurred during the last six months in Wichita, Kansas. Our ultimate goal is for Victor Wynn Johnson to leave our adequate city and exist somewhere else. We invite Victor Wynn Johnson to participate in this blog. He is welcome to contribute his recollection of each story that appears on this blog. If you know Victor, email me your story and I will include it in our blog. So, sit back and enjoy the stories.